Number of flood victims in Sabah drops to 352

Number of flood victims in Sabah drops to 352

KOTA KINABALU,. The number of flood victims in Sabah has dropped to 352 people from 99 families this morning compared with 445 from 135 families reported yesterday.

The Sabah Civil Defence Force (APM), in a statement, said that all the flood victims were housed in five relief centres (PPS) in three districts, namely, Kota Belud, Beaufort and Tenom.

Two PPS are located in Beaufort, while another two in Kota Belud and one in Tenom. A total of 70 villages are still flooded.

“In Beaufort, PPS in Mohd Dun Banir hall currently houses 131 people from 45 families and PPS Pa’Musa hall accommodates 118 people from 32 families,” it said.

In Kota Belud, PPS Sekolah Suang Punggor hall houses 35 people from nine families while Kampung Song-Song hall accommodates 42 people from eight families.

Meanwhile, in Tenom, a total of 26 people from five families are placed at PPS Rumah Kebudayaan Kampung Kalang Banar.

It also said that all agencies involved in the monitoring and evacuation process of flood victims are mobilising their assets to help residents affected by the floods.


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