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COVID: Lelaki Malaysia antara 54 kes import asimptomatik di Singapura

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Oleh Massita Ahmad SINGAPURA,. Seorang lelaki Malaysia berusia 21 tahun merupakan antara 54 kes import asimptomatik yang dilaporkan di Singapura pada Sabtu, menurut Kementerian Kesihatan ... Read More

Curfew in waters off ESSZone extended until Feb 14

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LAHAD DATU,. The curfew in the waters off seven districts in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (ESSZone), which is scheduled to end tomorrow, has been ... Read More

COVID : Lelaki Malaysia antara tiga kes import baharu bergejala di Singapura

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SINGAPURA,. Seorang lelaki rakyat Malaysia berusia 26 tahun adalah antara tiga kes import baharu bergejala yang dilaporkan di Singapura hari ini, menurut Kementerian Kesihatan republik ... Read More

Kes COVID-19 global kini melebihi 100 juta

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BEIJING,. Kes COVID-19 global pada Selasa kini berjumlah 100,032,461 juta dengan 2,149,818 kematian, menurut data Johns Hopkins University. Di Ecuador 26 kematian baharu dilaporkan menjadikan ... Read More

DexCom to begin construction of facility in early February, says InvestPenang

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By Rosemarie Khoo Mohd Sani KUALA LUMPUR,. DexCom, Inc. will begin construction of its manufacturing facility on a 28-acre (11.33-hectare) site in the Batu Kawan ... Read More

Italian prime minister discusses political crisis with president – Sources

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ROME,. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte discussed the political crisis with President Sergio Mattarella and got time to find a way out of it, sources ... Read More

Japan wants to boost alliance with US under Biden’s presidency – Prime Minister

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TOKYO,. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Thursday that he wanted to further boost the alliance with the United States under new President ... Read More